HVAC Sales Inc. is your complete source for HVAC Products. Kansas and Missouri doing business as RepkoSales.

HVAC Sales Inc. - Atco/Masterfit Atco Rubber Products Complete line of Insulated and Uninsulated Flexible Duct. – IA/NE
HVAC Sales Inc. - Berry Plastics Berry Plastic Corp. Polyken and Nashua branded HVAC Tapes for
General Purpose and UL181 needs. – IA/NE
HVAC Sales Inc. - Cambridge Lee Cambridge Lee Air-Conditioning Line Sets only. – IA/NE/KS
HVAC Sales Inc. - Carlisle Coating/Hardcast Carlisle HVAC Products Duct Adhesives, Sealants and Hardware. – IA/NE
HVAC Sales Inc. - Diveritech DiversiTech Equipment Pads; Chemicals: HVAC Accessories.
HVAC Sales Inc. - Fantech Fantech Residential and Commercial Ventilation Solutions.
HVAC Sales Inc. - NTI NY Thermal Inc. NY Thermal Inc. Complete Line of Ultra-Compact, High Efficiency
Trinity Gas Fired Boilers and Water Heaters. – IA/NE
PerfectAire PerfectAire Ductless Cooling and Heating products. – IA/NE
HVAC Sales Inc. - Pro 1 IAQ Pro 1 IAQ Thermostats, Media Air Cabinets and UV Lights. – IA/NE/KS/MO
HVAC Sales Inc. - Shoemaker Manufacturing Shoemaker Manufacturing Residential and Commercial Grilles and Registers. Also Fire Dampers and Louvers. – IA/NE/KS/MO
Snappy_Co Snappy Leading Supplier of Galvanized pipe and fittings for the Residential HVAC Industry. – IA/NE/KS/MO/SD
 Southwire Southwire Thermostat Wire, Extension Cords and Portable Lights. – IA/NE
 UEI Test Equipment  UEI Test Equipment Direct measurements of CO2 and calculating O2 sensors. – KS/MO
ZONEFIRST - Complete line of HVAC Zoning Products Zonefirst Complete line of HVAC Zoning Products – for both New Construction and Retrofit. – IA/NE/KS/MO